Unsecured Loans

Looking for an unsecured loan?

Are you on the hunt for a short-term loan, but don't have any collateral to put against a secured loan from a bank? Let Lending Stream help you take control of your finances.

At Lending Stream, we specialise in short-term loans. In fact, we're one of the top providers of unsecured loans in the UK, and are a trusted payday loan alternative.

We've been rated 4.8 out of 5 for our fast and efficient service on Reviews.co.uk - something we're very proud of. Check out some of the comments from customers who have used our unsecured personal loans to help them out when they needed it.

If you need a little extra cash to help pay for unexpected expenses every now and again, we're on-hand to help you choose the best loan for your needs.

It's worth remembering that an unsecured personal loan is a high-interest borrowing system. It could be the solution to help you out during rough times, when your pay packet just won't stretch for enough. But if you think you may need a long-term approach to financial stability, you might want to consider your options carefully before you apply for an unsecured loan.

Representative 1325% APR

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk.

Best unsecured loans

We think we provide one of the best unsecured loans on the market. We offer a representative 1325% APR, which is lower than many other companies. We also offer a fixed interest rate of 292.0% p.a. So if you want to borrow 200 over six months, by the time your loan was paid back you would have paid 383.68 in total, meaning your loan would have cost you 183.68 in interest.

If you decide you want to cut back on your costs, you can always pay your loan back early. You are in complete control when you take out one of the unsecured loans, and we won't charge you for making early payments.

Easy Repayments

We believe in responsible lending, and evaluate all applicants. Charges may be applied to your account if you miss a payment, and we want to help you avoid unnecessary costs where we can. We run affordability analysis checks, which help determine whether our unsecured loans are the right option for you.

Unlike some of our competitors, an unsecured loan from Lending Stream means you're able to pay back the money you've borrowed over monthly instalments. Spreading your repayments over a six month period means you don't have to find a big chunk of money once your loan term is finished, which puts your loan-term financial security in much better shape! An unsecured payday loan alternative from Lending Stream can give your finances the slight top up they might require, helping you to take control of your outgoings in an instant. Plus, with the Lending Stream mobile app for iOS and Android, you can keep track of your balance and make payments on the go wherever you are!

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We don't offer loans under 60 days. Early prepayment options that are available are not associated with any fees or cost. Maximum APR of 1698.1%. Given a Representative APR is 1325%, if you borrow £200 over 6 months at 292.0% p.a. (fixed) your first repayment will be £33.60 followed by £96.00, £75.84, £66.88, £62.40 and £48.96 the following months. You will repay £383.68 in total, there are no additional fees.