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Home Hacks and save Planet

Six Home Hacks for Saving Money (& Planet Earth)

How would you like to save money on household bills and help the environment at the same time? It’s a win-win scenario! We’ve compiled some of our favourite home hacks that not only help...
is payday loan right option

Payday loan checklist: is borrowing the right option for you?

The UK payday loans, or Short Term Loan, the industry struggled with a mixed reputation for the first half of this decade. But, since FCA regulations were announced in 2014, short-term loans have found...
Things to do in North London

5 free things to do in North London

It seems to be the general consensus that London is an expensive city – expensive to live there, expensive to go out there (both during the day and night!), and most definitely expensive to...
Eilean Donan Castle

5 things to do in the Scottish Highlands (under a tenner)

With awe-inspiring landscapes and unparalleled scenery, it’s hardly surprising that 2.1 million tourists visited the Scottish Highlands in 2010 (PDF) alone. Whether you’re looking for picturesque hiking trails, castles steeped in history or a water sports-based...

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