Razor faceoff: True cost of shaving


Gentlemen, we know you spend an inordinate amount of time shaving. According to this survey, it’s about 5 minutes a shave, 4 days a week – which adds up to 45 days out of the average man’s lifetime. But how much time have you spent thinking about the actual cost of shaving?
There are a lot of different razor options out there. We break down the annual cost for electric, double-edge safety, cartridge and disposable razors, to find out which is the most budget-friendly.


Every person’s shaving habits and preferences are different, but we did our best to calculate a fair representation of each razor option. To determine the approximate cost per year, we averaged the top 5 best sellers in each razor category on Amazon at the time of writing (the best seller list is updated every hour), and rounded to the nearest pence. We’ll refer to this calculation as the “Amazon average” throughout this article. Let’s dive in!


Electric shavers have a wide price range – anywhere from £20 to more than £300, with the Amazon average coming to £53.29. Most include a two-year warranty, and after that, need either replacement parts or to be replaced completely. Assuming your electric razor would have a two-year lifespan, your average annual cost would be around £26.65, or 13p per shave.

Double-edge safety

For the traditionalists, double-edged safety razors can be a popular choice. Like the electric razor, these come with a wide price range, depending on the material they’re made from. The Amazon average came out to £18.58 for the actual razor, with replacement blades costing an average of 19 pence each. Assuming your DE safety razor handle lasts 10 years, and you replace your blade once a week, your average annual cost would be £11.74, or 6p per shave.


Unlike the electric and DE options, using a cartridge razor doesn’t require very much of an investment upfront – but the replacement cartridges can end up costing you more in the long run. The Amazon average for the razor handle came out to £7.03, with each replacement cartridge costing £2.11. We calculated the costs assuming your razor handle lasts one year, and you replace your cartridge twice a month. In that case, your average annual cost would be £57.67, or 28p per shave.


Finally, there’s the disposable razor. This requires no upfront costs – rather, a constant purchase commitment. The Amazon average for a single disposable razor was 52 pence each. Assuming you replace your razor once a week, your average annual cost would be £27.04, or 13p per shave.

So there you have it! DE razors won this one by a landslide, followed by electric and disposable razors, with the cartridge option in a distant fourth. Whatever your preference, we hope you feel informed the next time you buy a razor.

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