Make your life simpler with some ‘compartmentalisation’


Across the pond, they’re experiencing a bit of a backlash against multitasking – the theory being that if you compartmentalise certain tasks that it can make your life simpler, and make you more productive.

This is certainly true if you have a high pressured busy job, where time management trainers teach employees to plan the tasks for the day as soon as you get in – with what they describe as the ‘elephants’ first, and working methodically through, concentrating on one task at a time.

Many people also find planning other aspects of their lives make them more productive, and able to spend more time doing more enjoyable things. Take planning the week’s evening meals in advance – have all the ingredients ready, and throwing them together in the evening will be a doddle.

Similarly, something as simple as spending a couple of hours on a weekend morning planning and preparing your week’s work clothes can give you that reassuring feeling that it’s all done, and you can avoid the mad panic on Thursday morning of having to iron a shirt or blouse, when you should have already left for work!

Finally, many of us will be familiar with that feeling of watching what you thought was going to be a great film or drama on TV; and you realise – as you look up from checking your email for the fourth time that you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. It may not be a tip for productivity, but you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying a film properly!