How to Save a Few Quid for an Emergency Fund


It’s never pleasant when a financial emergency strikes, especially if your savings are low. If you suddenly lose your job, or find yourself unable to work due to ill health, it can leave you feeling vulnerable. To help with such emergencies, it’s a great idea to stash a few quid away every month in an emergency fund. You’d be surprised where that little extra cash could come from.

Do you subscribe to a magazine or newspaper that you rarely read? What about a pay-monthly app for your smartphone that you haven’t opened in weeks? It’s time to bin that subscription.

When’s the last time you used your gym membership? Why not transfer the money into a savings account every month instead.

Have you checked your loft lately? Get up there and check out all the stuff that you’ve hoarded for years and will never need. Online auction sites are great for making a little extra cash for a rainy day.