Are you buying the right gifts this Christmas?



Have you ever wondered if people actually like the gifts you give them for Christmas? Our new survey shows the gift that most people REALLY want!

A new survey, by Lending Stream, has found that the gift that most Brits really want to receive is….


It turns out that most of us don’t necessarily want gifts that have been painstakingly picked out for us or handcrafted by a loved one – we just want to go and pick something out ourselves!

When it comes to buying presents for those we care about, the survey shows that the gift most people buy at Christmas for their family and friends is clothing. It seems that this trend gets even more popular as we get older, because whilst 43% of 18-34 year olds responding to the survey said that they buy clothes as Christmas gifts, this rises to 50% for those aged 55+.

It should come as little surprise that books are still a popular present to buy for others, since physical books are known to be bouncing back in sales these days. The survey shows that you’re the most likely to gift books to others this Christmas if you live in Brighton, and it’s also the place where books are the most popular present to receive.

The good news for voucher-lovers with friends or family living in Belfast, Brighton or Plymouth, is that these are locations in which people are most likely to buy vouchers as Christmas gifts. However, if you’re hoping to receive a voucher from people who live in Birmingham, Manchester or Nottingham, you might not be quite as lucky; they’re the least likely to buy you a voucher this year.

The survey also showed that regardless of what people get them for Christmas, the most important aspects of the celebrations for them are spending time with friends and family, enjoying food and festive traditions; much more so than giving or receiving gifts.


Lending Stream commissioned a survey of 2,004 UK adults in November 2017, weighted to reflect a nationally representative audience. All figures used are averages.