5 simple ways to help boost your income


No matter how much we earn, sometimes money can be tight – and for most of us, this is usually towards the end of the month in the lead up to payday. It can be the result of an unplanned expense, like a broken down boiler, or perhaps you overspent a little when you took the kids away for the weekend. Regardless of the reason, it always helps to know a few simple tips to boost your income on a monthly basis to help with the little things you don’t budget for each month.

Most of us are well aware that selling items on eBay or Amazon can be a quick fix to earn some extra cash, but these types of platforms take a fee, meaning you never receive 100% of your selling price. Here are a few quick and simple ways to help boost your income, without having to split the profit:

  1. Take a survey. You can sign up to take surveys on a number of websites and get paid for it – who knew?! Register to take surveys on sites such as YouGov, where you will be rewarded with points based on the number of surveys you take and will eventually earn £50.
  2. Get paid to use websites. Yes, you read that correctly – simply browsing a website and testing if it is easy to use could earn you some extra cash. If you join a usability testing company and follow instructions such as filling in forms and adding products to your basket, you will be paid to do so. You could pocket anywhere between £5 and £30 per test – not bad, hey?
  3. Do you wear a uniform to work? If so, you may be due a tax rebate. If you have been responsible for cleaning, repairing or replacing specialist work clothing, you could be due a tax rebate for doing so. The same applies if you have bought, repaired or replaced small tools that you need in order to do your job, such as a drill or scissors. Find out if you could be due some money back – you could be owed around £60!
  4. Join a marketing focus group. By joining up to a couple of different sites, you could boost your income each month by being a part of focus groups. You could be reviewing products, services or websites – simply sign up, share your views and get paid anywhere between £10 and £50. Honest reviews are the best kind – so don’t worry about being opinionated!
  5. Become a mystery shopper. If you register with an agency and get paid to shop, you could be reviewing the level of service you receive in stores and restaurants as often as you like. The best bit is you will be paid for the time you spend there, and if you buy a meal or a product, the price of this will also be covered. In a nutshell, you could get paid £30 to be a mystery shopper at a restaurant and get a free meal out of it too. This one is great for shopaholics!

Although doing the above won’t make you a millionaire, it will certainly help with the little added extras we all seem to come across in our bank statements each month. Whether you are doing it to help pay for your food shopping towards the end of the month or you simply can’t fund a night out, boosting your income has numerous benefits. If you really dedicate yourself, you could be earning and extra £50 to £200 each month – and if you save it, that’s over £2,000 a year!

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