When People Are Not Level-Headed


We recently held a contest that asked our participants to tell us about situations where they are not typically level-headed. Well, we’ve got the results and it looks like the vast majority are not level-headed when it comes to shopping. For those of you who are in the same boat, we’ve got a blog post that talks about how to avoid impulse shopping. Check out what people had to say about when they are not level-headed.

Here are some of the entries we got from our “When are you notorious for not being level-headed?” contest question. How many can relate to any of them? Tweet us @lendingstream!

  • “I’m not level headed when it comes to spare money! Blow it any enjoy it because you can’t take it with you x” Abigail
  • “Christmas shopping for sure” -Charlotte
  • “Toys toys toys” -Chelsea
  • “Sale items im a top bargain hunter if theres a sale im there spending!” -Christine
  • “When seeking a mate …always…..” -Craig
  • “I’m not level headed when I go out. Try and set myself a limit to spend and don’t stick to it!” -Danielle
  • “I’m not level headed when it comes to my kids … they have got to have everything lol x” -Darian
  • “I’m not level headed when it comes to buying golf stuff! I’m obsessed! I get all the latest gear and clubs even when I don’t need any new items!” -David
  • “I’m not level headed when it comes to buying things in the sales, if it has a big discount it’s sold before I’ve even thought what to do with it!” -Dawn
  • “I’m not level headed when it comes to buying nail polish…..if I don’t have a new shade #mustbuy” -Elaine
  • “Prioritising!” -Eliott
  • “road rage” -Emily
  • “I’m not level headed when it comes to my children they tend to wrap me around their little fingers and I let them get away with too much and I always give them my last pennies  x” -Emma
  • “when I am in a cook shop or a book shop I am not level headed and it takes me ages to leave” -Franchae
  • “Food!” -Francesca
  • “When eating” -Gary
  • “Not level headed driving past McDonalds on the way home from nightshift ! (in fact never get past . . . car goes into autopilot as it is glides toward the drive-thru)” -Hayley
  • “Shopping” -Jackie
  • “Buying shoes…. Ummm have a wardrobe full of shoes and boots in boxes that have never been worn. Yet still I buy more and never just one pair at a time either. Bad bad me xx” -Joanne
  • “I’m not level headed when it comes to having some spare cash, I just spend it on treats like chocolates and crisps when I’m not even hungry” -Karen
  • “The grandkids can’t say no” -Kerry
  • “When I pass a toy shop in town I always have to buy something for my little niece, can’t help it” -Kevin
  • “I’m not level headed when it comes to a new phone coming out – I just want it regardless of if I need it/want it!” -Kieran
  • “When I’m buying xmas gifts always go overboard” -Kimberly
  • “Near a charity shop..I love a.good rummage” -Kirsten
  • “I’m not level headed when i send Flowers to my nana just to cheer her up put smile on her Face every week” -Kirsty
  • “When it comes to dating…… Get all nervous and stuffs” -Kye
  • “I’m not level headed person for freebies and cheap items and baby stuff daughter is 7 months and has a box full of toys she can’t use till she’s 3 whoops!” -Laura
  • “I’m not level headed when I do the grocery shopping I buy crap so my husband does it he does a good job. I’m useless at it. Oh well. Thanks fingers crossed. Xx” -Lisa
  • “I’m not level headed when it comes my grandson on,love him to bits.xxx” -Maureen
  • “At auctions when there are old beat up musical instruments looking sad!” -Pam
  • “My husband says when I see money I go all hap hap happy and o.t.t in other words I spend too much but if I do its on my children because there worth every thing I have .x” -Patricia
  • “Drinking!” -Paul
  • “I’m not level headed when im shopping for my granddaughter..i get completely carried away!” -Paula
  • “Definitely when I’m drunk x” -Sally
  • “When I’m out shopping, can’t be doing with other shoppers” -Sharon
  • “shopping world worst addicted to amazon lol. Xx” -Susan
  • “Definitely shopping in town. I’m a sucker for a bargain” –Vicky

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