Four simple ways to organise your life – and save yourself some cash


There are a few simple steps anyone can take to organise their lives so that they can save themselves some money:

i. Shopping
The trick to saving money on your weekly groceries is planning ahead. Research the best value supermarket (which isn’t difficult – look for the many TV ads!) There are also stacks of ‘money off’ websites where you can print out coupons to save yourself even more.


ii. Holidays
Again, get planning! Research the destination, and read up on all the places to stay as well as the local restaurants. It’s worth checking out reviews of all venues too – it’s no good if it’s good value, but awful!


iii. Financial planning
It’s also all about the research. As well as the heavily advertised comparison websites, it’s also worth getting on the phone to insurance brokers – they can often dig up better deals on anything from pensions to home and car insurance.


iv. Going to work
It’s all too easy to fall into the habit of going to the same expensive sandwich shop every lunch time; but you’ll find that over time you’ll save yourself stacks of money by eating a decent healthy breakfast and preparing a packed lunch the evening before to take in with you to work.