Four quick tips for travelling on the cheap


Summer is approaching and holidays are on our minds.

Ever wonder how you can make your next holiday just a little easier on your wallet? Try these quick tips so you don’t overspend.

1.Trust your own estimate
Travel sites will show all kinds of packages and deals. Don’t trust them blindly! Always figure out the details that are important to you and add up the numbers on your own.

2.Be flexible
When planning your holiday, try to be flexible with your travel dates. This may help you get good deals on similar packages.

3.Call ahead
Call the hotel just before you travel to check for discounts – you can sometimes cancel your previous bookings. You never know until you try.

4.Travel light
The less luggage you have, the less it can cost on many airlines AND the more flexible you can be. Hop on a bus and follow the adventure; Stay in a hostel and meet new friends.
Everything is up for grabs.

Taking a holiday can be easy, fun and inexpensive with a little planning!