Top Ways to Save Money on Tech


Whether it’s the latest phone or a new laptop, we all want a decent piece of tech. Pictures of your latest cheeky Nando’s won’t Instagram themselves! But as you know, this all can get pretty expensive. You can end up shelling out thousands on a single item, so it’s important to save money when you can.

Figure out what you need

If you’re not particularly versed in the world of technology it becomes very easy to get swamped with numbers. It’s bonkers — they vary in size and range so much it can get hard to wrap your head around it all. Not only are you worrying about terabytes, gigahertz, pixels, RAM, and megabytes per second, but then you have to learn about all the hardware too.

That’s why getting to grips with all this jargon is super important. You don’t want to get bowled over by specs that seem impressive but really aren’t, especially when faced with a particularly enthusiastic salesperson in store. The first step is to set out what you actually want from your piece of tech.

Obviously if you need something for full-on gaming you’ll be after entirely different specs than if you just want to do a bit of work and emailing at home. Once you have that sorted, do some research to get an idea of what kind of hardware you’ll need.

Hack your equipment

How about avoiding paying out for new stuff altogether? Sound like a sweet deal, right? A lot of products have much more potential in them than they’re letting on. With a bit of tinkering, you can extract more power and capabilities for no extra cost. There’s the option to ‘root’ your mobile phone to make it more

There’s the option to ‘root’ your mobile phone to make it more customisable. Rooting your phone essentially gives you full access to its inner workings. Be warned though, this kind of action may void your warranty so make sure you’re really, REALLY careful when following instructions.

Buy refurbished

Most people want to buy something brand new. That makes sense as we know it hasn’t been tampered with or damaged by someone else. People aren’t too receptive to the idea of a refurbished item, as they might be concerned that it won’t work properly – but often that really isn’t the case.

You can make massive savings by purchasing something used. But watch it, you do need to be careful. It’s always better to get a refurbished item from a bigger chain store to ensure their items are up to scratch and they have a reliable return policy. Also be sure to check your product straight away to make sure it works as you’d expect.

Top tip: keep in mind that ‘refurbished’ may mean different things depending on who you’re buying from.