Things people love more than their parents


Mum and dad. The folks. Ma and pa. The rents. Big M and D Dizzle. Surely they’re by default the two most important things in our lives? After all, without them we’d never even exist.

Well apparently not… according to a recent survey we carried out. We asked men and women to choose from a list of people and things they couldn’t live without, and dear old mum and dad didn’t make it anywhere near the top.

Women certainly seemed to be more pro-parent, with 32% saying mum was essential. Only 20.2% chose dad, putting poor old pap in 27th place. Meanwhile, only 18% of men picked their mum and a tiny 12.5% chose their dad. What a cold hearted bunch!

So what sort of things did men and women count more important than their parents? You might be in for a shock.

What women love more than their Mum
Toothbrush – 49.9%
Shampoo – 45.1%
TV – 36.3%
Tea – 33.6%
A good book – 33.2%

What women love more than their Dad
Moisturiser – 31.8%
Chocolate – 29.5%
Car – 27.4%
A bottle of water – 25%
Dog – 21.9%

What men love more than their Mum
TV – 40.4%
Sex – 29.6%
Alcohol – 24.6%
Football – 23.5%
Bacon sandwiches – 19.6%

What men love more than their Dad
Chips – 17.4%
Movies – 17.2%
Best mate – 16.2%
Match of the Day – 13.5%
Sofa – 13.2%