The Shocking Average Cost of Owning a Cat


Who doesn’t want a cheeky little kitty to cuddle up with on the sofa every night? Cats are awesome, often hilarious, and some studies suggest they may even lower your blood pressure. But how much does a cat cost?

Pets are expensive. Dogs cost between £16,000 and £31,000, depending on their health and how long they live. Cats are a bit cheaper, but not by much.

Before you commit to bringing Señor Cat Paws into your home it’s important to consider how much he’ll set you back. There are all kinds of expenses from food and litter, to de-fleeing and de-worming, to vet fees and neutering. Based on research from 2011, it could cost you around £15,000 over the lifetime of your feline friend.

So here’s a breakdown of roughly how much you’ll need to fork out and some tips on how to keep the costs down for each expense.

How much does a cat cost?


Based on analysis of research commissioned by Sainsbury’s Finance and carried out by ICM Research. 2,030 British adults were questioned via online omnibus between 8th and 10th April 2011 –

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