Technology that changes your world, and you.


We’ve all seen the broad expansion of technology in the last couple of decades. From keeping friendships to paying bills to looking for jobs and everything else, technology has simplified our tasks. Let’s look at a few key changes that technology has brought about and see if the advantages, outweigh the disadvantages. Or as Albert Einstein noted, has it become “appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Whether you love it, or hate it… you cannot ignore it!


Virtual Collaboration: E-meet your coworkers from the other side of the planet:

Today, with professional teams sitting all over the world – you have likely used virtual collaboration tools. Skype (video calls), Google Docs (document sharing), Basecamp (project management) and other free tools help bring geographically distributed teams together. With time equalling money, which business wants to waste valuable hours waiting for supporting teams to deliver on critical projects?


Want to be ahead of the curve? Learn Online!

Students of all ages today use technology in order to improve their knowledge and skills on any subject. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) such as Coursera and Edx are proving that learning can happen at any age. Continuing to learn is an important part of growing in our careers. Want to learn computer science, economics, life sciences, law, or just touch up on your soft skills such as communications? You can learn all of it online.


Here’s proof that the society around you is changing:

Google a restaurant on your phone – Keep in touch with your school friends on Whatsapp – Pay your British Gas bill online – Use Groupon for discounted movie tickets. Ten years ago, who would have thought of accessing the world in the palm of a hand? Knowledge is at your fingertips. Heck, Google is even making driverless cars now– not far in the future, road accidents will be unheard of!


It’s up to us to understand that technology is a tool we can use in everyday life. Use it to save money, gain knowledge, unwind and relax. It is wonderful as a means to help achieve our goals. Know what you want and the internet has an answer for it 🙂

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