Taste Test vlogger challenge – Brand vs Budget


When it comes to your food shop, is compromise ever an option?  We all know some name-brand buyers who would NEVER opt for a supermarket own-brand product, even if it meant saving a few pennies. But despite the loyalists, supermarkets’ own label items are soaring in popularity in the UK, according to this Nielson 2014 study.

Are you one of the shoppers who just chucks the same branded groceries into your shopping trolley every week without a second thought, out of habit? Is it all about the label or does the food and drink actually taste any different in your experience? Do you think you could tell the difference between a supermarket own label and a classic branded product?

We challenged food and health vlogger, Tastefully Vikkie, to see if she could tell the difference between budget and branded versions of jaffa cakes and instant coffee in a blind taste test.

Here’s how she got on:

The products used in this taste test challenge were:


It’s all down to personal taste, but like Vikkie, if you tried a cheaper alternative then you might be able to save money and still enjoy great tasting food and drink. Over the course of a year, these savings can really add up. For example, saving just £0.65 on a pack of jaffa cakes each week means that over a year you’ll be nearly £34 better off! Why not give a few alternative products a try and see how much you can save?*

*Everyone’s tastes are different. While we’re thrilled to partner with Vikkie for this fun taste test, please use your own best judgement when shopping for yourself!