SURVEY RESULTS! How much do you spend on Christmas gifts?


It’s that time of year again! The festive season is upon us, and that means a whole host of things – eating, drinking and spending lots of time with family and friends (whether we like it or not)! But what do a lot of us dread about Christmastime? Of course, it is how expensive it can be. Christmas lists written to Santa are often read with one eye open, at arm’s length, by terrified parents awaiting their kids’ requests…

To find out how much people actually plan to spend on gifts alone, Lending Stream ran a survey on Facebook and Twitter, asking:

How much do you expect to spend on Christmas gifts for your friends & family this year?

  1. a) £0 – £100
  2. b) £100 -200
  3. c) £200 – £400
  4. d) £400+


We asked, and you answered. Interestingly, the results showed the following:

  • The majority of respondents, a huge 37%, answered D – meaning they expect to spend more than £400 on Christmas gifts for their friends and family this year! Is this down to having a large family, or simply treating your loved ones?
  • Most people expect to spend either very little, or A LOT of money on gifts for the friends and family this year! 26% of people selected A, up to £100, and 37% D, £400+.
  • A huge 37% of people overall chose option B (14%) or C (23%), meaning the same amount of people plan on spending between £100 and £400 as those who expect to spend a minimum of £400.
  • You are planning to spend more than last year! In a survey ran by Bobatoo in 2015, the results showed that 41% of respondents planned to spend less than £300 overall on Christmas presents.
  • Does Christmas shopping spend differ depending on when you were born? A Saga and Netmums study in 2010 found that of the parents born in the 1930s, 61% spent less than £50 on Christmas presents, whereas of those born in the 1990s, 22% spent £200+. Is it typical for millennials to spend more on Christmas gifts than their parents and grandparents? The same study found that more than 90% of the over 50s believed that more money is spent on children’s presents in this day and age than when they were a child; so, perhaps so…
  • Interestingly, Christmas shopping is changing – more and more of us are opting to do it online as opposed to braving the high street shops. A Rubicon study found that almost half of all their respondents (45%) planned to make a Christmas purchase on their mobile device. This was focused largely on two demographics – 75% of millennials and 66% of parents said they would do at least some of their Christmas shopping on a mobile device!

What do you think? Do you like to treat your family and friends to lavish presents at Christmas, or do you stay within a tight budget? Would you rather stand in a queue in a shop with ten bags full of toys and three kids in tow, or sit on your tablet in the warmth of your living room and do your shopping online? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey!*

*This survey was conducted in November 2016, with 53 people responding. It’s meant for entertainment purposes only.