The Secret to Healthy Eating


What’s the secret to healthy eating? Your everyday grocery aisle.

Healthy eating is no longer the privilege of a chosen few who daily drink the juice of an exotic-sounding super-berry. What eating well really boils down to is nutritious meals, ideally made at home.

And there’s more good news. When shopping for fresh produce buy no more than two or three types of  vegetables and fruit that you know you will use. So don’t feel the pressure to splurge on a fridge full of good intentions.

Don’t feel the pressure to splurge on a fridge full of good intentions.

As for packaged goods labeled healthy- we can be healthy without them. A lot of every day groceries can be great add-ons in a made at home meal. Get friendly with Greek yoghurts. They are high in protein, great for veggie dips and a delicious dessert when topped with honey. Minced meat many not sound like a supermodel diet but freezes well and makes healthier burgers than what one is tempted to buy at a fast food chain and peanut butter may not sound posh but it is a great protein source and adds a Thai splash to a salad.

Also, if you are not in love with lettuce there is hope yet. Try a watermelon and feta salad or a trusted tomato and cucumber salad with olives. You might be skipping the greens but you’ll still get the karma.