How to save money: Real people share their favourite tips


Part 2 of a 4-part series

There is loads of ‘expert advice’ out there when it comes to finances – but with the twists and turns of everyday life, it’s not always feasible to follow. That’s why we created our ‘Real tips from real people’ series, to get practical financial tips that don’t require a business degree to decipher. We ask our own friends, family and coworkers – real people with diverse backgrounds – how they managed to get control of their finances. (You can read part 1, The most valuable financial lesson I learned the hard way, here.)

For part two, we asked: What’s your favourite, easy way to save money? Here’s what they had to say.

  • Pay yourself first (by saving) then have a budget for the rest…but always pay yourself first to make sure you save for retirement and the ‘what ifs’ in life. – Katie
  • Don’t go out! Make your food at home. Drink at home. Download a yoga app on your phone. Have people over. It’s easy to get caught up when you are young but it’s not worth it. Save it for special occasions. – Mollie
  • Automatic deduction from wages to a savings account. – Chris
  • Keep a change jar – don’t spend it. You and your partner both contribute to it, and when it’s so full you can’t possibly fit anymore in, that is your slush fund or your ‘do something fun fund’. – Heather
  • Not spending it. Aside from that, I recommend putting aside at least 1% of your salary on a monthly basis for a “rainy day” fund only to be used in extreme emergencies. – B.M.
  • Cook at home! – Melissa
  • You are never too poor to save something. Save automatically or you won’t get it done. – Janice
  • Write it down! Pick an area you want to work on and don’t aim for any changes, just write down what you do. Like every time you buy food or drink, jot it down. Just noticing your habits can be the beginning of changing them for the better. – Becky
  • Have it taken directly out of your pay… you will never miss it. – Patricia