Quick Ways to Trim Your Energy Bill


UK households burn around £3.4 billion worth of electricity each year just on washing and drying clothes, cleaning dishes, and refrigerating and freezing food. In fact, fridges and freezers account for 20% of electricity use in the average UK home.(1)

So, how do you trim your energy bill? The first step is understanding which appliances use the most amount of electricity and which use the least. Understanding this will allow you to be more mindful and conservative when using your most expensive appliances.

Most expensive appliances:

  1. Fridge/Freezer
  2. Electric hob
  3. Electric tumble dryer

Least expensive appliances:

  1. Microwave ovens
  2. Gas ovens
  3. A-rated washing machines

Here are some quick tips to trimming your energy bill(2):

  • Set your heating and hot water to come on and off when you need them.
  • Draught-proof your doors, windows, skirting boards, etc.
  • Set your washing machine to wash at 30°C.
  • Turn off appliances you are not using and avoid standby (e.g., Desktop screensaver mode).
  • Recycle your water. Recycle water for uses that don’t require high quality water (e.g. watering plants).
  • Only boil the amount of water you need, don’t fill your kettle all the way full.

Breakdown of appliance usage and costs per year:

Appliance Usage Cost per year
Fridge-Freezer A spec 24 hours a day £40.80
Electric Tumble Dryer 148 uses per year £37.00
Electric Hob 424 uses per year £30.10
Fridge-Freezer A+ spec 24 hours a day £27.00
Electric Oven 135.1 uses per year £21.08
Fridge-Freezer A ++ spec 24 hours a day £20.60
Dishwasher at 65°C 135 uses per year £19.44
Kettle 1542 uses per year £16.90
Standard Light Bulb 4 hours a day £14.60
Gas Hob 424 uses per year £14.12
Washing Machine 187 washes per year £11.78
Dishwasher at 55°C 110 uses per year £11.77
Gas Tumble Dryer 148 uses per year £11.00
Microwave Oven 96 times per year £9.07
Gas Oven 135.1 uses per year £7.60
Low Energy Light Bulb 4 hours a day £2.63

Table 1: Source 3

For free expert advice on saving energy in your home, call the Energy Saving Advice Service at 0300 123 1234.

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