What do people in the UK enjoy most about Christmas?



If you feel that Christmas is too commercialised and it’s all about spending money, you might be surprised to find out that 69% of UK adults value the time spent with family and friends more than gifts or any of the other trappings of the festive season.

A recent survey, conducted for Lending Stream by Opinium Research, shows that presents at Christmas are actually only the favourite part of the festivities for 28% of people, most of whom are aged 18-34 years old. As well as time spent with family and friends, those aged over 55 also enjoy taking part in festive traditions (37%) more than other age groups, whilst 35-54 year olds are particularly partial to the time off work that Christmas brings (39%).

While family and friends scored most highly, feasting at Christmas is something that seems particularly important to the London region, with food being something that 60% of them think is the most enjoyable part of the celebrations. Whereas in Wales, there’s less of an appetite for it (40%).

Bristol folk are the ones who most enjoy time with their friends and family most of all at Christmas (80%), but those living in Norwich aren’t quite as keen on that aspect (54%).

When it comes to gifts, Sheffield are out in front with how much they enjoy that side of the festivities (36%) but people living in Southampton are much less fussed about presents (15%).

The survey shows that festive traditions are not very popular in Brighton (26%) but people in Plymouth can’t get enough of them! (53%). Brighton is also the location where residents attach the least importance to time off work at Christmas (15%), whereas those in Cardiff are more than twice as excited about the festive holiday (41%).

Note: Lending Stream commissioned a survey of 2,004 UK adults in November 2017, weighted to reflect a nationally representative audience. All figures used are averages.