One in Three British Women are Overspending


Research has shown 36 per cent of British women are overspending

According to research from the UK-based short term loans company , Lending Stream, a third of British women (36 per cent) admit to be suffering from ‘salary dysmorphia’ – the problem of living beyond their salary and spending as if they are on a higher wage.

The survey shows that women are the worse sex for overspending every month. Among the top reasons for British women overspending are providing for their families and treating themselves.

The survey also revealed that, when planning their expenses, British women rank clothes, groceries and holidays as their main priorities.

In addition to the gender differences, research also found that the younger generation are the worst offenders for overspending. According to the research from the short term loans company, 34 per cent of 18-24-year-olds overspend on a regular monthly basis compared to just 24 per cent of over 55s.

Lending Stream advises that for budgeting issues, instant cash loans, a substitute to payday loans, can be a good way of stemming the tide of additional expense.

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