Make Money While Job Hunting


Earning money while job hunting helps keep you motivated and disciplined, and gives you a routine so that you spend quality time on the job search rather than being consumed by it the entire day. If you’re in between jobs, here are ways to earn some money while you send out those resumes.

  1. Someone wants that Poncho: Throw open your wardrobe of unused clothes and household stuff to the world, and you will be surprised by how many takers you have. Clothes that you have never worn but bought on a whim, gym equipment hardly used despite the best intentions, birthday or Christmas presents that are still in great condition…you will find that people are happily willing to pay for the stuff you don’t want. You have de-cluttered your home and your mind and earned a wad of cash while doing it.
  1. Furniture Upcycling: If you are the creative type, give a completely new life to an old chair by painting it in a contemporary lacquer, or turn a modern Ikea chair into a mock vintage piece with distressed paint or decoupage. Have fun with it, give it a one of a kind look and sell it online or at a flea market. The chair ups the ante and you up the price, and keep the profit.
  1. Woof-anomics: Walk someone else’s dog. It can earn you several pounds per hour, per pet and if you have a way with animals you can walk a group together. Take your own pet with you and he will love this opportunity to spend quality time with you while socializing with new canine friends.
  1. Time Sharing: Being a companion to an elderly person, accompanying them on their walks every day or doing their supermarket shopping for them, and having a cup of tea with them in the afternoon, is a way to spread some good will and cheer in your spare time, while earning a little money. It could be something you remember for a long time if you forge a meaningful bond with the person you are taking care of.
  1. If you can, teach: If you have a degree in another language or mathematics or are good at the Piano, then consider putting that to use by tutoring someone in the neighborhood. It pays well per hour and can grow into a steady source of supplemental income.