Lending Stream’s short guide to Getting More Out of Life


Our brand new TV ad campaign is now in full swing.  And if you haven’t spotted it yet, it’s all about how short term loans can sometimes come in handy if you find you’re suddenly faced with an unexpected emergency that will cost money to rectify that you just don’t have at the time.  The people featured in the ad are able to get out of their sticky situation thanks to LendingStream’s ‘Get More Out Of  Life’ loan. Representative 3378.1% APR.

But loans aside, we’re firm believers that – as far as we can – we should make an effort to get more out of life.  Of course, that’s a very sweeping statement to make when we all lead very different lives, so we’ve pulled together a few tried and tested tips, some of which will hopefully get you thinking how you could get more out of your life!

1. Go outside
You can’t accomplish much being a couch potato! Go out for walk to the local park, stroll down to the shops, walk the dog, just enjoy being outdoors – and take the time to enjoy nature. It’s not only good exercise, but – even in the rain – you’ll find it lifts your spirits!

2. Be present in the moment
Many schools of thought advocate some form of this dictum. How many times have you found yourself doing something that really should be pleasurable, but you’re distracted by either thinking about something that’s happened in the past – over and over; or else worrying about something in the future – perhaps something at work, or errands you have to do, etc.  Being present in the moment is summed up nicely by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said “With the past, I have nothing to do; not with the future. I live now!” So, being present in the moment means making a conscious effort to focus on the ‘now’, to not ‘drift off’, start dwelling on the past, or worrying unnecessarily about the future. It’s about learning to analyse less, and enjoy the moment more; whether you’re with a loved one, walking the dog, eating, or even working!

3. Find your ‘flow’
Connected with being present in the moment is ‘flow’, which is a mental state of operation in which the person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, and sheer enjoyment in the activity. The challenge for some is finding the right activity for them – it could be anything from going to the gym, jogging, or listening to music through to learning a foreign language or even decorating the spare room!  The trick is to find something you really enjoy, and then dedicate a decent amount of time to fully immerse yourself in it as often as you can. And if and when you ‘go off’ it, simply refocus your energies on finding a new ‘flow’!

4. Take care of your own physical, spiritual and mental needs
Because if you don’t do it, no one else will! Easily summed up by looking after yourself physically by eating as healthily as you can and trying to do some form of exercise; mentally by seeking out informative books, newspapers or magazines; and seek out some reading that lifts your spirit – which applies whether you believe in religion or not. The goal is to live life with passion, health and energy.

5. Find value in challenges
Whatever walk of life we’re in, and whatever job we do, there will always be challenges of one kind and another. Challenges that often appear daunting – be it having to speak to a roomful of people, start a new job, taking a difficult exam or trying to pass a driving test. The trick with any challenge is how you look at it. Rational emotive behaviour therapy teaches us that the emotion we associate with events is only controlled by you – so it’s your choice to either recoil in fear or acknowledge the challenge, prepare for it, stand and face it, and do your very best. And if you fail, in the words of the famous song, pick yourself, dust yourself and start all over again!