Lending Stream Family Fun Blogger Challenge


Okay…all us parents know that children are loveable bundle of joy that enrich our lives immensely every single day and all that mushy stuff. But – they sure do cost A LOT. (See exactly how much with our ‘cost of raising a child’ calculator.) And during the summer holidays, budgets can melt away faster than that ice cream you forgot in the boot of your car. (Only us? Cool. RIP that tub of mint chocolate chip…)

To help beat the summer doldrums without breaking the bank, we partnered up with three absolutely ah-mazing mummy bloggers and issued them a challenge for the ages: Take £100 and turn it into fun for the whole family! Bonus points for creativity. Here’s how they got on:

We Made This Life is a parenting and lifestyle blog run by super-mum of three, Ali, who lives by the sea in Wales with her family. She blogs about crafts, fashion, home inspiration and of course, some valuable advice for her fellow mothers. Her partner and three adorable children also regularly feature on her blog – did someone say #lifegoals?!

For this challenge, Ali and co had a family day out together in London – who knew an outing in the capital could be so cheap?! From food and a show to a visit to the aquarium, Ali proves that a day out with the kids doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Don’t be put off by an expensive London outing and see how Ali and her family managed to stick to a £100 budget here. Be warned – if you’re hungry, maybe grab a snack before you read this one…

Artsmum, believe it or not, loves to blog about arts and crafts! It doesn’t end there though – her lifestyle and parenting posts along with blogs about fashion and cooking make us realise she is the multitasker we all dream to be. Sigh.

When we challenged Alejandra to spend £100 on some family fun, not only did she take her family on a camping trip for five days, but the money covered travel costs and food for five people! Their mini-break to Silverdale in Lancashire involved a big food shop to ensure all meals were cooked in the cabin as opposed to eating out – but wait ‘til you see what happened during their BBQ…

If you think you’re thrifty, think again! Artsmum also managed to include a trip to a farm, some fruit picking and plenty of ice creams and coffee stops throughout her trip. “BUT HOW?!”, we hear you ask…get your pen and paper ready to read this one!  Find out how she did it here.

The Comeback Mum is the blog of Cash Carraway, who lives in West London with her 5-year-old daughter Biddy, and their cat, Angie Bowie. Not only was The Comeback Mum blog a finalist at 2015’s Mumsnet blogging awards, but Cash blogs about everything from life as a mum to British politics. If you think Cash is awesome, we’re with you on that one – but her daughter Biddy takes centre stage on most blogs, and for good reason. Any 5-year-old who writes a book called ‘Revol-POO-tion’ is the kind of kid we want to read about!

For the Lending Stream challenge, Cash took her family to meet the one and only Marshmallow Man, both in person and on screen, and they spent a great day in London enjoying some delicious looking food and family entertainment. (Once again, foodies, we’re warning you – beware of the dreamy street food and pizza photos…) The challenge seemed to prove that you can spend a large amount of money quite quickly if you’re not careful, but Cash managed to squeeze in plenty of free activities and stuck to the £100 budget with 1p to spare. Take a leaf out of The Comeback Mum’s blog and find out how you can keep costs low by indulging at food markets instead of restaurants – you can read her blog here.


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