Lending Stream – A 6 Month Loan that’s Designed to Help You Get-More-Out-of- Life!


We’ve just launched a brand new TV ad campaign ‘Get-More-Out-of-Life’ loans which hopefully you will have seen by now ; and if not, please look out for them over the next few weeks. The ads are based on our customer testimonials that showed how our 6 month loans (Representative 3378.1% APR) were used to help them get more out of life.

The ads are based on extensive research we’ve recently carried out with customers about what they use their loans for, and it turns out that short term loans are very often the easiest, most convenient solutions to help people get over life’s completely unexpected expensive little hiccups which sometimes crop up – scuppering often well-made plans we’d made to have a good time – be that camping, going to a football match, or anything else for that matter!

The ads are a light-hearted way to let people know that when they find something – anything – has for no apparent reason ‘gone wrong’, that a short term loan may well be the easiest, most convenient solution to help them out of their temporary predicament. And unlike payday loans, they don’t have to pay our loans back as soon as they get the next pay cheque – we offer a flexible instalment plan allowing repayment over a period of up to six months, meaning the emergency can be dealt with quickly and effectively, allowing everyone to move on and get more out of life!

Check out the new ads here.

And that’s not all – as well as the TV ads, we’ve just launched a weekly competition called ‘Get more out of Mondays’ on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/lendingstreamonline. We’re asking the great British public to share a funny experience they had that shows that they were out to get more out of life with £100 up for grabs every single week!

And responses don’t have to be anything to do with loans – just ingenious ways you’ve gone the extra mile to ‘get more out of life’. Take one friend who missed his flight back from the Canary Islands, and being skint with no money to pay for another flight, got a job as a promoter for a local nightclub, and ended up staying – and partying – for another two months as he worked to raise the money for another return ticket. And having a fantastic party the whole time!

Or take the other friend who, moving abroad, and unable to speak the native language found herself unable to get any work locally. She got more out of life by starting an Internet business making small models based on the pictures of pets that were emailed to her. She is now happily enjoying a thriving Internet business and raking in a tidy sum each month.

Short term loans aren’t suitable for everyone, so if you find yourself in a predicament where you don’t have enough cash for the emergency that’s befallen you, think carefully about all your options, and if you think a short-term loan might just be for you, then please have a read of our FAQs at https://www.lendingstream.co.uk/faqs/ .

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