News for the common man – Interesting facts about the Royal wedding


With the royal wedding just a few hours away nothing has been discussed more – certainly given that no one knows what Kate will be wearing!

An estimated two billion people are expected to watch the royal wedding and to add more gloss to our news cap here are some interesting facts:

    • Catch a glimpse of the bride in the ‘much popular’ Rolls Royce Phanthom VI on her way to Westminster Abbey before the wedding and of the newly married couple in the ‘much hyped’ golden carriage. But if the rain happens to bless the couple they shall be parading in the Royal Glass coach instead of the open-topped horse drawn golden carriage.


    • Tube lines close to the procession route will be closed on the royal wedding day. But other tube services will function normally. Thanks to the Rail Maritime and Transport [RMT], whose union does not believe in Monarchy, they shall continue to work even though it is a government holiday.


    • About 750,000 royal wedding Oyster cards are on sale exclusively for the National Rail customers. These cards will be available at the London Underground and London Over ground stations. The cards are intended to be a public memento and a souvenir to the royal couple and the cost of one royal wedding Oyster card will be £5.


    • If you are in one of the following locations do not miss the street parties planned to commemorate the royal wedding. Location & Number of parties: Bristol -53 parties, Brighton -35 parties, Cardiff-30 parties, Edinburgh-12 parties and London-500 parties.


    • Those who plan to watch the royal wedding on giant screens at central London are encouraged to dress up by wearing hats during the occasion. The site is open from 7am in the morning on the royal wedding day. This screening is free and non-ticketed and will be organized on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • If you choose to stay at home and watch the ceremony don’t be disappointed as several news channels including Sky news have special coverage of the royal wedding with exclusive news about the big day.

Few more hours to go. let’s only hope the weather holds out. The best of British is soon to be upon us!!!