A piece in praise of procrastination


Admittedly, most of the time being super efficient and quick to complete tasks is the way to grab some great bargains, but other times a bit of procrastination can not only save you some stress, but it can save you some cash at the same time!

Take theatre stand-by tickets; you can often avoid all the queues and time your arrival for the start of the performance and save yourself a small fortune by snapping up the stand-bys. Ok, if you go along in company, chances are you’ll have to sit by yourself, but would that be a problem if you were getting a £60 ticket for £10?

Also, why go the stress of trying to research and book a winter break in August? Yes, you’ll be able to pick specific destinations and design your holiday to your exact requirements, but if you don’t mind going on the hop, and you’re not bothered where you go, you can often snap up some amazing package deals a couple of weeks before, if you’re prepared to fly off at short notice.

On a smaller scale, you can grab yourself some everyday bargains by visiting your local supermarket just before it closes. Head straight for the reduction shelf and the cold cabinets and you’ll find a whole stack of reductions on everything from cottage cheese to salad bags.