Impulse Shopping: Too good to resist? Use a List!


Impulse Shopping: Too good to resist? Use a List!

Imagine you’re on your way home and you notice a sign in a shoe store window, “Buy any pair of shoes, get a second pair FREE! Today only.” What a bargain! You want to act fast to get the deal. Saving money right? But wait…
You glance across the street and spot a different deal, “50% off any two pairs of shoes! Today only.” That sounds like a great deal too.

Which bargain is better? One pair free? 50% off? How do you decide?

Simple. Check your list.

What list? Your needs list, of course! That list of the things you need to buy with all the right features and a price you can afford. In other words, it’s your anti-impulse-buying list. It would probably tell you to pass up both shoe sales.

Never made that kind of list before? Check out our printable guide to help you get started. It has prompts to help you think of items you might need and avoid impulse shopping. Keep it handy and it can help guide those last minute spending choices.