How to Stop Impulse Shopping


How To Stop Impulse Shopping

We’ve all done it — we make unneeded purchases without even thinking about them. It’s called impulse shopping. Our emotional and physical conditions overcome our rational minds. Next thing you know, we’re buying to make ourselves feel better and not because we need that outfit, or meal, or sports ticket, or….

Each of us has a limited supply of resistance to impulse shopping. A number of things can limit our access to self-control — stress, feeling low – or happy for that matter, and being tired or hungry. So we tend to need a strategy to help us make our best choices when the reserves are low.

Having a needs list is a way to plan ahead and provide yourself with the support you need as the emotional and physical forces draw you towards an unnecessary purchase.

You can read more about making a needs list and download our guide over here.

How strong are these forces? From 2008 to 2013, Brits spent £6.2 billion on impulse buys, with 85 percent admitting to having bought goods they rarely or never used, according to a survey by the National Employment Savings Trust.

The trick to using your list to resist the impulse is to both have a list, and make it second nature to check the moment you reach for your wallet or purse. Keep it in your wallet or a picture of it on your mobile device. Keep it next to your credit and debit cards, or on top of your cash. Put it wherever you will see it in that moment of weakness and then use it to help you make your preferred choices.