How to be a financially sound smart Single parent?


Responsibility would be too small a word to describe the efforts taken by a single parent who takes care of his/her kid(s). As cribbing would not help even a bit to dilute the difficulties and challenges faced being a single parent, a small happy smile from the kid would change the whole scene from dark nights to rainbow mornings. While children do their share of smiling and sharing our tears, we have a bigger part to shoulder.

Let’s look at some ways to be smart parents for our sweet kids.

  • What you are doing: Monitor your spending and try to cut down costs by spending less and try to make extra bucks.
    • What you should do: Look at long term needs, like the kids next year requirements and start small savings from this year onwards.
  • What you are doing: Try to work part time and make more money so that your kid does not feel bad about not having certain luxuries.
    • What you should do: Be honest with your kid about your situation and not promise things which you cannot afford for. May be you can surprise them instead by getting them what they want, but never promise and break their heart.
  • What you are doing: Try to find time to take your boys to football game or the girls to ballet classes by squeezing time between lunch hours.
    • What you should do: Instead of making separate plans for each one, make a family outing plan together, where you have one trip for all. Your grocery shopping, the kids game time, picnic time, visiting grandparents, all in one go. You get to be with your kids and also do your chores. Happy happy everyone!
  • What you are doing: Constantly try to figure out ways to keep out of cash crunch, so as to keep the kids happy.

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