You can’t figure out how to afford a holiday…Again!


Here’s a scenario you might relate to:

You sit down to figure out how to take a relaxing break from work and start going through your finances. You add up your bills, take stock of your goals – get out of debt, start saving – you take a look at your income and ….there’s nothing left for travel.

We’ve all been there.

Consider a Holistay.
A holistay is when you take a holiday from work but simply stay at home. Staying at home can save time (no travel time wasted), money (no costs for airline tickets or hotel rooms) and stress (comfort and familiarity). But it’s easy to think that you’ve already done most of the free things there are to do in your home town. What to do?

Use your social network
Your friends are an asset. Let them know about your plans and watch as they come up with ideas and suggestions. Maybe one or more will even join you.

Get in touch with local experts
It’s often a good idea to contact a local blogger who has new ideas. This works if you are staying with friends or relatives in a town you are less familiar with as well. Google can often point you to the best blog for any city. Read their content and ask your own specific questions – people are often more helpful than we think.

Have fun
The ultimate goal of a holiday is to rest and rejuvenate. Find and create a little adventure. You don’t need to be in an exotic place to do it.