First Aid Essentials


First Aid Essentials

How many times have you scrambled through the dregs of your bathroom cabinet for something you’re sure you bought five years ago, but it’s disappeared, or it’s out of date? For those minor scrapes, cuts and burns, it’s always a great idea to have a well-stocked first aid kit with the essentials on hand.

Here are some examples of essentials:

Tweezers: A splinter or thorn stuck in the skin can make even the toughest of us cry like a premier league footballer. A clean, disinfected pair of tweezers should do the trick.

Gauze and Tape: For small wounds, cuts and scrapes, a piece of gauze cut to size and held in place will offer protection for the wound, whilst still allowing it to breathe.

Pain Relief: Why is it that headaches, migraines or stomach aches always strike at the most inappropriate time? Keep some pain relief handy, so you’ll always be ready to party the night away.