Enjoying the summer of sport without spending a fortune


Us Brits are among the most sports-obsessed nations in the world. And the summer sees nearly the whole population glued to the telly enjoying the World Cup and Wimbledon – and many more besides. And it’s unfortunate that England has already been booted out of the World Cup, but that shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying some kind of sport without having to pay through the nose.

Of course going down your local pub with your mates to watch the football is an attractive option, but it’s more than likely to be an expensive exercise as you try and resist the temptation of the odd tipple! So why not organise for a bring-your-own-six-pack evening at your place, enjoying the match with your pals – without the risk of waking up the next morning with an empty wallet and a pounding head!

If you prefer getting out, it’s worth checking your local listings for any venues where you can watch the match. Some UK cities host sponsored ‘big screens’ during the summer where you can watch for free with all the action of a live game without having to pay a fortune for a ticket. It’s also worth checking for other venues that are broadcasting sport – and it’s very often not just the local pub. Matches can also often be seen at your local sports or leisure centre, and some cafes and restaurants host themed events where you can watch the latest from either the World Cup or Wimbledon.

If live sports are more your thing, most towns have local five aside or cricket matches you can go along to at the weekend – you should find details in your local paper. Perhaps you have a local greyhound-racing track which may offer family deals on tickets. And, if you wanted to go a bit further afield, even some of the country’s most prestigious sports events such as Henley Regatta or the major horse events have public enclosures where you can dress up and have a nice day out, getting up close to the action without having to shell out an exorbitant entrance fee.