Being Easy Is a Good Thing


After hearing what some of our customers have been saying about Lending Stream recently, we realized that we have quite the reputation of being easy. We aim to please all of our customers by making our application process simple and straightforward…and they seem to like that about us! See for yourself…

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“Quick. easy to use and affordable.. would recommend if you need short term help.” – 21/1/2015

“Fast service easy to use” – 20/1/2015
“Very easy to deal with not had a problem at all.” – 20/1/2015
“No problems whatsoever. Brilliant easy to use site. You be honest with Lending Stream and they will be honest with you. Have used them several times before…great!” – 19/1/2015
“Easy to use and a great way to loan money. Thanks” – 19/2/2015
“quick and easy and very clear breakdown of agreed plan. will use again if needed” – 19/1/2015
“Very easy and straightforward to apply” – 18/1/2015
“Excellent service very easy to use and has been very understanding and helped me immensely.” – 18/1/2014
“It was very quick and easy” – 18/1/2014

“You guys have always been helpful when I need money to pay off an unexpected bill! The payments are flexible and easy to pay so thank you!” – 18/1/2015

“I found the application to be very quick and easy. Would recommend to use for short term loans. thank you.” – 17/1/2014
“Always easy, no hassle & straight forward” – 16/1/2014
“The website is easy to use and the entire process was quick and simple! Would recommend!” – 16/1/2014
“So easy to apply, excellent service” – 15/1/2014
“very easy to use website and very straight forward. reasonable rates and very good communication.” – 14/1/2014

EASY AS PIE” – 13/1/2015

“Applying with Lending stream is so easy. You’re always there to help. You’re a great lender. More power to you!” – 12/1/2015
“Impressed how quick and easy it is to borrow at short notice!” – 11/1/2015
“Quick and easy to use and the terms are much better than pay day loans as you can spread them over 6 months” – 9/1/2015
“lending stream loans are easy to use and they have a great payback system which is easy to use I would recommend them to all who need a small loan quickly.” – 9/1/2014
“Quick easy and allows me to pay off early which is a great help. Overall a great service” – 9/1/2015
“Fast, easy and fair!” – 9/1/2015
“What I like about Lending Stream, is that there is never any hassle. Thank you.” – 9/1/2015
“I score the service 10 out of ten. brilliant … easy to use and such a fast service” – 8/1/2015
“EASY TO COMPLETE” – 8/1/2015
“Fast and easy to use. Superb from start to finish” – 7/1/2015

“Excellent service! Quick, efficient, easy to understand loan application and the money is in your account in no time. Thank you Lending Stream!” – 6/1/2014

“easy and smooth transaction even with bad credit” – 5/1/2015
“Easy and can pay off early x” – 4/1/2015
“Many thanks on making this easy” – 2/1/2015
“I am so grateful i can always turn to LS when i have some small difficulties. An easy process and friendly customer services team who understand..
Many thanks” – 2/1/2015
“Quick and easy to apply online rather than having to go to another short loan lender on the high street.” – 1/1/2015
“No hassle. Easy to do. Easy to check your account online.” – 31/12/2014
“Very helpful, straight forward, humane and easy.” – 29/12/2014
“As always an easy process to complete with instant decision made” – 29/12/2014
“Unbelievably quick and easy to apply for, Layout is very easy to understand and very straight forward. Love it because this has really saved me from a bit of a sticky situation I found myself in.” – 28/12/2014
“A quick & easy process! Obviously interest rates are higher than one would like but as the banks do not seem to lend to anyone anymore, most people have no choice & sometimes firms like you are a lifeline! Easy online application process!” – 26/12/2014

“After being turned down by payday loans you give me it. Thank you” – 25/12/2014

“I have used Lending Stream before, and with Christmas a small cash injection was needed, but I know that they won’t lend me more than I can afford (they even say no sometimes). Not the cheapest way to borrow, but the charges etc are clear, if you pay it off early you save money, and it is quick and easy to do. For me a great experience every time.” – 24/12/2014
“Very fast application process. Easy to use and asks questions only that apply to the loan itself. No messing about.” – 22/12/2014
“Very quick and easy and repayment options are simply the best.” – 21/12/2014
“Perfect, Fast, Easy, No Hassle.” – 21/12/2014
“really easy to follow the simple steps to gain instant cash for unexpected financial issues .” – 21/12/2014
“Very helpful and easy to set up. the information is very clear and concise, making the process very simple. this service is the clearest and most straightforward i have found. thanks for the support and excellent service.” – 21/12/2014

“Absolutely brilliant service, quick, easy and simple to complete the application. It is also a bonus that you are able to repay early to save interest. Highly recommended. thank you so much Lending Stream” – 21/12/2014

“Easy to apply & responsible lending.” – 21/12/2014
“I love love love this lending stream so easy and handy” – 21/12/2014

Now that you see how easy we are, maybe you’d like to give us a go?
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