Don’t be a couch potato – get up! Be active!


When there’s so much sport on tv over the summer, it’s all too easy to miss out on the decent weather by putting your feet up and becoming engrossed in the latest World Cup action or Federer doing his best to swing himself to victory.

But, even if it’s sport you’re watching, you’re still sat down! So how about switching off the box and getting some endorphins coursing through your veins by doing some sport yourself?

And lucky for some of us, the range of activities that can be classed as ‘sport’ is very wide. Even a game of darts is considered sport – but that’s pushing it! If you’re looking for something to get yourself outdoors that isn’t too taxing, then how about a good hike in nearby countryside? And if you fancy some company then check online to see if the Rambler’s Association has a nearby group.

If you’re not quite sure what you fancy, then it’s worth taking a trip to your local leisure or sports centre, which will host facilities for anything from table tennis, badminton and squash to swimming, aerobics, five aside and Pilates. Some centres also host ‘outward bound’ courses if you’d like to try your hand at kayaking, trekking or orienteering.

If you could do with losing a few pounds, many of the activities already mentioned will get you well on the way. Or get online and research what else is on offer nearby. Chances are there will be a stack of gyms to choose from; but shop around – costs can be anything from £16 to £120 a month. All gyms will happily provide a tour of their facilities, and most will allow you a free workout to see if it’s the place for you. An increasing number are also offering a ‘pay as you go’ option that allows you to pop in when you feel like it without being tied into an expensive contract.