Cost of coffee around the world


It may be true that we Brits are stereotypically rather partial to a nice cup of tea, but the rise of coffee shop culture has been astronomical over the last 20 or so years. Whether you get your caffeine hit from a chain coffee shop on the high street or a hidden gem of a local independent café, it’s now an industry that is worth an estimated £7.9 billion in the UK.

Coffee is now huge business; the proof of which is in the fact that buying a cup of your favourite java is not exactly cheap! A recent study by Thrillist discovered that even chain coffee shops have their global disparities when it comes to cost. Whilst in the UK, it was found that to buy a Starbucks grande latte costs on average just under £3.20, elsewhere in the world this price can vary wildly.

*All prices used in the video were calculated using the UK exchange rate on May 18th 2016

A single daily coffee on the way to work might not seem like a great expense, but when you multiply it by 5 times a week, for around 52 weeks of the year, you might be shocked to discover that your coffee kick could be costing you a whopping £832 per annum in the UK. If you buy more than one café style coffee a day, then you probably don’t even want to do the sums!

SPOILER ALERT! We’ve done them for you:

2 coffees a day at £3.20 a pop comes to over £1,600 a year

3 cups a day means you could be forking out just under £2,500 a year

However, if you think that’s a lot of money (and let’s face it, it is) then Norwegians have to fork out the equivalent of around £4.12 a cup, meaning that a single ‘Starbucks-a-day’ habit on weekdays costs them more than £1000 a year!

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