Cheap Valentine’s Day gifts


Long gone is the time when Valentine’s Day meant little more than exchanging a heartfelt card and a box of chocolates with your loved one. Today, V Day has ballooned into a huge consumer event, involving expensive meals out, new cars and fancy holidays.

Here in Britain it’s expected that we spent a whopping £1.9 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2015. That’s more than the entire annual GDP of Liberia! The stats haven’t been released yet, but it’s expected that 2016 will see an even bigger spend.

What exactly are we spending all this cash on? Here’s what we found:

Of course it’s always good to show your special someone how much you care. Heck, sometimes that even means splashing out on a big, lavish gift like a holiday or expensive piece of jewellery.

The problem is that in this day and age, where we parade our personal lives in front of each other on social media, it’s easy to get competitive. “Ben took Gemma for tea at the Ritz and all you got me was a card!” This kind of attitude can easily lead to overspending.

But guys! How can you put a price on love?

It’s possible to be heartfelt and thoughtful without breaking the bank, so here are a few ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget:

Eat in

Restaurants are always horribly busy on Valentine’s Day, anyway. Cooking for your loved one is cheaper, more relaxed and way more thoughtful.

Shop smart

Buy in advance and use voucher codes to get a good deal. Check out these online shopping hacks for popular V Day gifts.

Write out a Valentine’s Cheque

There are lots of things we can do for our partners that cost us nothing. So write them out a Valentine’s Cheque for something nice (or naughty).

Get a non-conventional gift

The price of all the obvious V Day gifts like flowers and chocolate skyrockets the Saturday before 14/2. Be a bit different and buy something else you know your boo will love for a personalised and cheap Valentine’s Day gift.

Home cinema experience

Don’t splash out on seeing some soppy flick out on the town. Buy in some popcorn, fizzy drinks and hotdogs and have a cinema night in with a movie you’ll both enjoy.

Find something free

Wherever you are in the UK there are loads of things to do for free. Check out the Woodland Trust or National Trust for country stuff, or your local council website for stuff in town.