Cheap Date Ideas


So, you’re on a budget and need some inexpensive date ideas. Well, good news! Impressing her isn’t about how much money you spend… it’s about how much fun she has! Here are some creative, classic and unusual date ideas that are sure to bring her back for more.

1. Midnight Stroll
All you need is a warm coat and some good conversation. Dating is all about getting to know each other, so take this opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper as you meander under the moonlight.
2. Play Pretend
Put on your most serious, grown-up attire and check out some open houses. Spend the day arguing over marble or granite countertops, where to put your great-grandmother’s vase, and giggling over the previous owner’s tragic taste.

3. Get Active
On the next snow day, bundle up in your warm winter gear and find a fun spot for some sledding, snowball fights and snowman building. Not quite in the mood for the cold outdoors? Check out our next idea…
4. Get Physical
Get in your nicest gym kit and apply for free day passes to a luxurious gym you both could never afford. Challenge her to a fitness competition and expect her to bribe you into taking an exercise class with her. After you’re done working out, cool down in the gym’s pool or get steamy in the steam room together.
5. Game Night In
Play a few rounds of rummy or break out an old board game you haven’t played since you were a kid. You never know what childhood stories might come up! Not interested in child’s play? Why not a classic card or board game with your own added adult twist? Don’t be afraid to get creative…or a little crazy! These days you can also download pretty much any game for free on your smartphone… There’s an app for that!
6. Bookstore Bonding
Get your nerd on together at a local bookstore. Walk up and down the aisles, pointing out your all-time favourites and bonding over the books you both can’t stand. Be sure to save the best isle for last… you know, that one with the Kama Sutra books for later…
7. A “Nummy” Night In
She wows you with a home-cooked meal and you dazzles her with a delectable desert…or vice versa. Expand your cooking capabilities by learning each other’s favorite recipes and cooking them together. Just try to keep the sparks between you two and away from the stove!
8. Haunt Her Close
Hold her close at a real haunted house! Let’s face it, we all know spooking usually leads to snuggling. Check out for listings in your area. Just don’t be surprised if she giggles at you when you are the one who ends up jumping at every corner.
9. Movie Marathon
Who doesn’t love a good movie marathon snuggle fest? Break out some popcorn and the Harry Potter series… or laugh over episodes of Idiot Abroad. Whatever your style, watch ‘til you can’t watch no more! First one to fall asleep owes the other a mid-morning (if you even make it that long) massage. Movie marathon mid-morning massage…say that 5 times fast!
10. Doggie Date
Whether you have a furry friend or just love them, spend a day at the dog park together or go to a local pet store to get your “awwwww” on. Just be warned, you won’t be the one she’s calling “cute” all day. There’s no competition there my friend.
11. Two glasses of wine and 20 questions
Whether you’ve been dating for two weeks or two years, chances are you don’t know everything about each other. Poor a couple glasses of wine, get a pen and paper, and write down 10 questions each. Stay away from close-ended questions that are likely to get one-word answers. Keep it open and interesting. Take turns and don’t be afraid to get personal!

12. Trade Tricks
You’re a video game champ and your woman can knit a wicked winter scarf. It’s great to have your own interests and hobbies, but the real fun is in sharing. Reserve a weekend to teach each other your talents. You knit her an oddly shaped blanket thing whilst she wow’s you with her triple button combo.
13. Open Mic Night
Grab a pint and check out a local pub’s open mic night. You could get lucky with a night of awesome free entertainment, or you might sit through some broken chords and bad jokes— either way, you’ll be left with something to chat (or laugh) about on the way home.