Best free winter events


Although there’s nothing wrong with snuggling down over the cold winter months with a nice big cup of something, too much of nearly anything can get a bit dull. After all, there are only so many repeats of QI one person can stand.

You’ll have to be brave and suck it up if you want to make the most of this winter. There are loads of great things to see and do – and as it’s the season of goodwill, many of these events are free.

We’ve got together a list of our favourite free ways to get out and about at winter. Have a look!

Winter walks

The weather outside might be frightful, but wrap up warm and you’ll be just fine! There’s nothing like a nice long walk on a crisp winter’s day.

The English countryside is one of the most beautiful walking destinations in the world, so wherever you are in the country, there’s bound to be some beautiful rambling routes right on your doorstep.

No one knows these routes better than the Ramblers – the UK’s walking charity. Every year they host a Festival of Winter Walks, featuring hundreds of group walking events nationwide. Whatever your age or ability there’s a walk for you, including fun festive-themed walks for the kids, leisurely 5 miles strolls for newbies and epic hikes for those seeking more of a challenge.

Christmas markets

The Christmas market, or Christkindlmarkt, is a German tradition harking back to the middle ages where farmers and other producers would set up shop in the main square of a town to attract the most customers in the run-up to Christmas.

Today the tradition has spread all over the Western world and it seems almost every UK city is vying to throw the biggest bash. The atmosphere at these markets is just amazing – expect festive entertainment, nativity scenes, carols and of course a whole range of stalls selling seasonal food & drink and festive bits and bobs.

A word to the wise, though. The prices at these markets can be pretty steep, so try not to get too tempted by ad hoc purchases as you’ll probably be able to find similar items elsewhere for cheaper.

Check out this site to find a Christmas Market near you.

Carol concerts

Christmas carol concerts AKA free gigs! Churches across the country host carol services around Christmas and many of them charge absolutely nothing for entry.

If you’re shy about singing in public… don’t worry! There’s plenty of room in a church to just sit, listen and take in the festive vibes.

What about if you’re not religious? Carol concerts can still be a nice place to go just for the joy of singing in a group. If you don’t want to take part in Christian carols, try seeing if there’s a local Sunday Assembly near you. They’re a non-religious meetup group, meaning people from any or no faith are welcome.

Community fireworks displays

BOOM. Everyone knows that the long dark nights of winter are the perfect time for us to set fire to little tubes full of colourful explosive powder.

Between Guy Fawkes and New Year’s Eve it seems we can’t get enough of fireworks. Not a night goes by without a few bangs and whizzes. Why waste your money buying expensive (and often dangerous) rockets when you can see them for free?

There are plenty of free fireworks displays going on at this time of year, especially on New Year’s Eve. The most famous one is of course the Westminster fireworks in London – (seriously, just watch them on TV, the reality is too stressful) – but loads of other cities host their own too.

Follow these tips for finding local events

Christmas is a time for community and many local organisations plan events around this time of year. We’re not pointing any fingers, but mostly these events are pretty badly advertised, and it’s unlikely you’ll know they’re happening if you’re not part of the community.

Luckily there are a few places that usually collate these events, no matter how small. Try checking out:

  • Your local council website
  • Local events sites on Google
  • Your local paper
  • Church hall noticeboards
  • Your town’s G+ community
  • Your town’s Facebook page


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