Are you level headed?


If you’ve followed our Stepping Stones blog for long, you know we’re always giving you helpful tips to make balancing the books that much easier. Now we are taking things to a whole new level… all the way to Level Headed!

Put your timing, balance and endurance to the test and try to keep a level head with our brand new mobile game. Who knew balancing the books could be this much fun?

Literally balance books on your head whist avoiding a relentless barrage of various fruits that threaten to leave you in a sticky mess. Tilt and glide your way to success, catching hearts to gain an extra life.

Once you’ve mastered the standard level, try your luck on EXTREME difficulty, which will really mess with your head – turning right into left, and left into right.

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Download for FREE today on Android and iOS.

Disclaimer: The game is for entertainment purpose only, do not try to replicate.