5 FREE things to do in Brighton!


A weekend break can be fab – and on budget. If you want somewhere with a beautiful seaside, rollercoasters, vineyards and much more, look no further than the incredibly colourful Brighton. Although Brighton is the second most expensive city outside of London to live in the UK, there are plenty of cost-free activities to enjoy during your weekend away. So pack a picnic, grab your sun cream and enjoy a few or all of the following options!

  1. Be amazed by the jaw dropping graffiti on North Laine.


No matter where you wander whilst exploring Brighton, you are bound to stumble upon some pretty eye catching street art – but the graffiti on North Laine is something you simply have to make time to visit. Look out for the Run DMC mural by Odisy and Aroe; whether you’re into your graffiti or not, you’re bound to be taken aback by this masterpiece. If you’re not sure which one we are referring to, look out for the giant chessboard! We see an Insta post in your future…

  1. Go for a paddle and explore Brighton Pier.


The famous Brighton Pier is something you can’t miss whilst you’re there, but the attractions can be quite expensive. Why not take a wander down the pier, followed by a picnic on the beach and a dip in the sea? Brighton Beach can get extremely busy during the summer, so be sure to get there early to set up camp for a few hours! (Beware of the naughty seagulls – they’ll do everything in their power to steal your sandwiches.)

  1. Browse for bargains at one of the many markets.


From antique furniture and vintage garments to retro toys and historical ornaments, you are in for a treat if you have time to visit one of Brighton’s markets. Brighton Flea Market and Upper Gardner Street Market are two of the most popular places for fashion and furniture addicts to pop down for a peek at the incredible variety of items for sale. Even if you don’t want to spend any money, the markets are a must-see for shopaholics – be sure to pop in for a browse!

  1. Be baffled by the bones, birds and butterflies and Booth Museum.


For natural history lovers, Booth Museum in Brighton is a goldmine. Edward Booth’s desire to try and capture an example of every British bird in existence is reflected in the incredible number of stuffed birds on display. If dinosaurs are more your thing, the fossils and bones on display will take you back to a time when dinosaurs and woolly rhinos wandered around Sussex. The best bit – admission is free.

  1. Hop on the bus for a fun family outing to Mile Oak Farm.


If you’ve brought the kids with you to Brighton, make sure you take them to Mile Oak Farm for a fabulous fun-filled day out. Located in Portslade, just a 20-minute walk outside of the city centre, Mile Oak Farm has a wide variety of animals to visit, including donkeys, goats, peacocks and cows. Be sure to either walk, take the bus or cycle there – parking is very limited. And guess what? It’s free entry!

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